Our alternative medical practitioners at the Hotel Bleibtreu Berlin by Golden Tulip offer the following medically-based wellness treatments:
Reflex Zone Therapy on feet, hand and ear
Reflex zones are holographic images of the entire body. This kind of massage fills your inner organs and the tissue with vital energy.

Aural Acupuncture
Earacupuncture is a well known treatment for disfunctions of the body.

Gua Sha
A well-liked anti pain massage which uses a jade or buffalo horn slider instead of needles.

Lymph Drainage and Oil Applications
It activates the metabolism and transports abundant tissue fluid. It supports the self healing power and stimulates the immune system. Applications with herbal and ethereal oils provide relaxation and revitalisation.

Classic Massage
To loosen up tense and overstrained muscels and provode mental relaxation at the same time.